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Carton box sealing machine

This Machine adopts top and bottom / top & side belt drive, suitable for heavier box packaging.Side auxiliary device can fix the box position in order to make sure the carton slides smoothly resulting in perfect centre taping.The strength (pressure) of taping head and working table height can be easily adjusted.Overlap of the tape on the sides of carton can be adjusted within the range of 50~80mm.

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Box Folding Machine 1. Manually put cardboard into the silo. 2. Check the material taking manipulator and feeding position. 3. Check the dimensions of stamping die. 4. Check the forming fixture and adjust the width. 5. Check the inside folding mechanism and adjust the size. 6. Start the equipment. 7. Automatic out-of-box of finished products.
1. Using international advanced technology manufacturing, and use imported parts, electrical components. 2. Manually adjust the width and height according to the carton specifications. 3. Automatic left and right folding, up and down sealing, economical, fast and smooth. 4. Equipped with blade guard to avoid accidental stab wounds. 5. Can be alone work, but also can be used with the automated packaging line.
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