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Pallet strapping machine

Pallet strapping machines ensures that goods, which are stacked on a pallet, stay together. This practice reduces the risk of damage during transportation of goods. During the strapping process, the corners of the pallet can be equipped with corner board for extra stability. The pallet strapping machine will tie PP or PET strap around the goods, which is possible in a horizontal- or vertical manner.

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Model Type DB-130 Strap cycle speed 2.2 sec/strap Tension strength 0-100kg(adjustable) Strapping width 9-15mm(choose one size fixed) Sealing method heating Power supply 220V 50HZ 1P Overall dimension W1872*D650*H1536MM
Model DB-150 Electrical 3PH,380V,50HZ Strap width 12-19mm Tension adjustment 0-70kgs Strapping size According to customer demand Strapping speed 15 pcs/s Strap coil 400mm(outside dia.) Machine weight 800kgs
Pallet strapping machine: Automatic strapping, tensioning, cutting and adhesion Electricity heating adhesion, Heart moving head distance of running 240mm, Movable strap lance, Bow shelf collocation and bow shelf motor, PLC controller.
Semi automatic wooden pallet strapping machine with 12mm pp belt: 1) Instant heating in 20 seconds. 2) Economical design of control switch, independent PCB controls feeding.tensioning and heating. The unit is easy to maintain. 3) Extemal adjustable tension knob on control panel. So that easy and simply to operate. 4) Specially for pallet strapping. the strapping arch can be folded when not use.
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