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Flow packing machine

A flow packing machine is a high-speed packaging device that wraps products in a continuous flow of film, creating neat and secure packages. Ideal for food, pharmaceuticals, and various consumer goods, it ensures consistent, professional packaging. 

Easy to operate and maintain, flow packing machines enhance production efficiency and reduce labor costs. With adjustable settings, they accommodate different product sizes and types. Upgrade your packaging process with a flow packing machine—your solution for fast, reliable, and cost-effective packaging. Ensure your products are protected and presentable with this efficient packaging technology.

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Pillow packaging machine is an automatic continuous packaging equipment, using ordinary electric furnace wire heating method,which is characterized by fast temperature, good stability, low maintenance costs, etc. Temperature and motor drive speed is stableand adjustable, and a wide range of adjustment; the original drum self-rotating device, can work continuously. Therefore, the heatshrink machine has advanced design, stable and reliable performance, power saving and high efficiency, good shrinkage effect, novel and beautiful structure, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. Suitable for food industry, daily necessities, disposable, hardware, plastic products, toys and stationery, industrial parts, auto parts.
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