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Horizontal wrapping machine

Automatic orbital wrapper used for bundling product with stretch film. Also known as a horizontal stretch wrapper, this machine is ideal for warehouse and manufacturing use. It automatically loads products and threads, wraps, and cuts stretch film.I can be used for wood molding, flooring, profiles, aluminum bars, pipes, firewood, tubes, blinds, or any other small product needing to be bundled.

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Product type S300 Horizontal Wrapping Machine Wrapping goods size 200mm×200mm Wrapping length >400mm Revolving speed 100rpm Goods transporting speed 5-8m/min Main motor power Main 0.75kw,tansport line 2×0.4kw Machine size (5600×1270×1350)mm Wrapping goods width 120mm~200mm
Wirl coil wrapping machine The horizontal ring winding packaging machine uses plastic film as the packaging material to individually package steel wires,rubber tubes, tires, wire coils and various ring-shaped items. Its advantage is that it completely replaces manual winding packaging. The packaging speed is fast and the operation Convenience, greatly improves production efficiency, and reduces labor intensity of workers.
Stretch Film Aluminum Profile Wrapping Machine Double frequency transformer film wrapping machine for aluminum profiles is popular used in aluminum profile factory, control wrapping gap precisely, including two sets of workign table. A novel winding packing machine specially researched, designed and manufactured for metallurgical industry, which plays a goodrole in protecting steel pipes against rust, corrosion and dust. It is widely used in winding and packing of stainless steel tube, seamless steel tube, square tube, rectangular tube, copper tube, aluminum tube, plastic tube, bar, flat material, profile,cylinder and all other long products.
Horizontal wrapping machine 1. Full automatic, special design for long products like pipes, timber etc; low consumption energy; Touch screen, PLC easy operation control; Auto film cutting and grab unit. 2. Stable performance, working life 10 years, quality guarantee 2 years. 3. European standard design and manufacture, same quality, but Chinese market price; pass CE certificate. 4. Accept customer's design order, satisfy customer's different requirements. 5. Suitable long and thin goods packing, its principle: packing material is to rotary wind around goods by revolving arm, at the same time to adjust film stretch tension. 6. Widely used for plastic profile, aluminum, panel, hose, woven fabric and so on.
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