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Robot pallet wrapping machine

The Robot is a self propelled pallet wrapping machine, with a film carriage for use with standard cast film up to 250% stretch.It can wrap any size pallet, or very large, unstable items in situe, which is normally limited on a standard turntable pallet wrap machine. Once in position, the machine will wrap the pallet without operator assistance. No fork lift or pallet truck is required to move pallets into position, the machine needs little space to operate and can be parked away when not in use.

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Model FM-4510 Battery 100AH(12V)*2PCS Pallet height 700-2100mm Pallet weight Max. no limit, min 100kg Pallet size Max. no limit, min 60*60cm Power supply 110v/220v 50hz/60hz 1 phase Control system PLC Film carriage Pre-stretch 300% Charging time 10-12h Running time 10-12h Running speed 60m/min Rotating speed 1-16ring/min Machine weight 325kg
Palletizer is a machine that automatically stacks bags, cartons or other packaging materials from the conveyor into pallets. according to the working mode required by the customer's process, and conveys the palletized materials. Palletizers can realize avariety of palletizing logistics in the beer, beverage and food industries, and are widely used for cartons, plastic boxes, bottles, bags, barrels, film packaged products. 1. low level into the box, occupying less space and high production capacity. 2. PLC control of the whole machine, fully automatic operation. 3. Adapting to various stack and bottle types, easy to adjust. 4. Multiple safety protection and can be controlled with touch screen. 5. Particularly suitable for products packed by code heat shrink film.
Robot wrapping machine, as the name implies, is a kind of packaging machine that can wrap and wrap the package without being limited by the size and weight of the package, and can prevent the goods from being damaged during the handling and storage process, and prevent moisture and keep clean. Self-propelled winding machine machine characteristics: 1. lt is not limited by the size of packaging objects The column can be folded Single person can be assembled 2. Easy to move
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