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Silage wrapping machine

A silage wrapping machine is essential for farmers, efficiently wrapping bales of forage in airtight plastic to preserve their nutritional value. This machine ensures that silage remains fresh and protected from spoilage, providing high-quality feed for livestock. 

Easy to operate and maintain, silage wrapping machines boost farm productivity by reducing manual labor and ensuring consistent wrapping. Ideal for various bale sizes, they offer reliable and durable performance. Upgrade your farm operations with a silage wrapping machine—your key to preserving forage quality and improving feeding efficiency for healthier livestock.

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Packing size Φ550*520mm Diesel engine ≥12-20 motor Product speed 60-65 piece/h, 5-6t/h Machine size 2135*1350*1300mm Machine weight 510kg Straw weight 65-100kg/bundle Straw density 450-500kg/m³ Strap belt consumption 2.5kg/t Packing film power 1.1-3kw 3 phase 6 grade Production efficiency 13/19 second 2 layer film /3 layer film
Silage baler machine: 1. Good storage of feed quality. Since Baled silage sealing, up to 100% utilization of livestock. 2. No waste mildew damage, and loss of sap feeding losses are greatly reduced. Traditional silage losses up to 20% -30%. 3. Do not pollute the environment. 4. Long shelf life. Compaction tightness, not seasonal, sun, rain and groundwater level influence, can be stacked in the open air 2- 3 years.
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